Bamberg Brewery

Micro-brewery with German roots

Bamberg got its name from the name of German city which is located in Bavaria. It is brewed in our own brewery on the famous German equipment Kaspar Schultz. Our brewers have followed the law, which was adopted in 16 century by Duke Wilhelm VI: foamy drink should contain only water, malt and hops! It  has a unique taste, unlike any on the market beers. Consumers and producers call this kind of beer "draft beer”. "Draft" - is a symbol of quality and prestige. "Draft" - it is always fresh beer. People who really like good beer will always prefer the draft to the box, even the very best bottled beer.

In the market of Uzbekistan Bamberg beer first appeared in October 2008. Nowadays, we are expanding places where our beer is sold and it exceeds more than 60 restaurants and bars. For a young brand in a beer market it is very impressive achievement

Bakery & Patisserie

European-quality products

In addition to our french coffee shops, we also market our bakery service under the BON! brand name. We have rebranded our bakery business to compile with overall business proposition. The fundamental concepts of our bakery are: fresh, healthy and quality. We try to supply fresh and healthy bakery products to our clients and try to keep high standards of quality in our business.

The finest patisserie chefs in Uzbekistan, trained by European experts, produce our delightful range of product from traditional recipes on the deluxe European equipment. We use only the finest ingredients and value the freshness of our products above all else. The range of our products is increasing year by year and we are gaining extra experience. We do believe that very soon we could be leading bakery business in the city.

Ice Cream

Italian gelatos

Our original Italian ice cream recipes may be centuries old, but the equipment we use to produce them is at the vanguard of catering technology in Europe. We capitalise on years of ice cream making tradition, use only the finest ingredients and deliver the finest, creamy gelato!

Despite short period that we are offering our ice-creams, we become very famous and favoured by many customers. Some state that we sell best ice cream in the city. 


Bean to bar

Becoming a bean-to-bar chocolate manufacturer is another achievement of ABNMB Group.  Employees of our company were trained by the best European masters to create our own unique product. Our chocolatiers use the finest cacao beans from exotic parts of the world such as Colombia, Venezuela and Côte d’Ivoire.  Our handcrafted confectionery products require not only special attention of craftsmen, but also modern equipment of the highest European standards. We launched our chocolate bars (100g) in special packaging with 3 sorts of tastes in November, 2017: - Dark with 70% cacao; - Salted Caramel with 40% cacao; - Milk with 40% cacao. In 2019, it is planned to put in production 2 more tastes with white chocloate as a base: Basil and Hibiscus. Furthermore, we launched two types of chocolate bars (75g) which are Dark and Milk with 5 various ingredients: Hazelnuts, Pistachios, Almonds, Peanuts and Cashews.