Silk Expert Processing

Silk Expert Processing (SEP) specializes in production of silk fiber. In 2018, the company was founded in Jizzakh, which is one of the industrialized regions of Uzbekistan.

The company's mission is to provide its clients with a wide variety of precious silk fiber, along with value added services. As of today, company successfully employs 120 local people and about 4,000 seasonal employees on season. SEP factory covers 600 hectares of mulberry plantations that includes breeding complexes.    

      From its inception SEP has aimed to be one of the major silk trading companies in the market. The solid foundations, various strategical partnerships and expertise of the company's management team are the most important assets of SEP. Company expresses readiness to cooperate with foreign businessmen and partners willing to come to Uzbekistan and establish mutually beneficial business relationships.

         SEP produces raw silk (20 / 22D, 27 / 29D).  The quality of our goods is constantly under control by local and Chinese specialists. The products manufactured in our company are attractive and demanded by buyers from the People's Republic of China, India, Pakistan, Egypt, UAE and Vietnam.

       With a strong commitment to understanding customers, SEP strives to create discernible differences in the products and services. We observe our customer chain very carefully in order to determine the current wants and anticipate the future needs of our customers. The selection of new materials, innovative products and high quality standards differentiate SEP’s products and services.