Our mission is to delight customers with innovative and high-quality products and to spearhead the  development of the hospitality sector in Uzbekistan.


About Us

ABN-MB operates in a high-growth market of Uzbekistan and is focused on meeting increasing demand from the burgeoning middle and upper class. The group has shown steady growth through diversifying portfolio in two primary business areas - Restaurants & Cafes and Food & Beverage Production. Its brands are highly recognised and known in Tashkent. Currently its operations focused in the capital of Uzbekistan - Tashkent City, but plans to broaden its business operations beyond Uzbekistan.

The group employs about 300 people and continues to recruit the best professionals in the market.


The group has been operating on the market since 1999 when it started as the distributor of international brands in Uzbekistan.

With the purpose of business diversification, the group has entered the hospitality sector. In 2005 it opened its first Italian cuisine cafe named Caffe Il Perfetto. In three years Il Perfetto (ceased from April, 2019) grew into the chain of two restaurants and a pizzeria, and has become a well-established brand in Tashkent. The group opened its first Irish themed pub and restaurant later in 2005.

In 2006 the group started ice cream production using Italian traditions and equipment from Carpigiani. The same year, italian restaurant was launched - Semo de’ Roma. Later in 2008, the group launched its microbrewery Bamberg beer using the world-known Kaspar Schultz brewing machinery.

In 2009, the group opened its first French coffee shop Bon!. Subsequently, it became a chain of French coffee shops, when two more outlets started their operations. Since then, bakery and pastry production expanded beyond Bon! to distributing products through large, local supermarkets.

In 2011, a great idea was openiing of a restaurant with national uzbek cuisine called Afsona Restaurant. Since then, it takes honourable first place among all reastaurants in Tashkent city on international website “tripadvisor.com“.